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Washing Machine Repair San Diego

Searching for washer repair near me in San Diego? Bonita Appliance Repair offers same day washer repair in San Diego.  Call Us Today at 619-329-5938. We repair residential or commercial washing machine in the San Diego area. We work on:

Top-Loading Washers, Front-Loading Washers, Washer/Dryer Combos, Laundry Pedestal Washers, Portable & Compact Washers. No matter the type of washer giving you trouble, Bonita Appliance Repair has the expertise and equipment to properly diagnose and repair it. Contact us today for professional washing machine repair across San Diego. Free appliance diagnostics with repair. 

Our San Diego Washer Repair Services

Faulty Washer Machine Drain Pump Repair In San Diego- Bonita

Washer Drain Pump Repair

Washer Drain Pump Replacement If your washing machine won't drain or ends cycles with a tub full of water, the drain pump has likely failed. Our technicians can quickly replace the clogged, burned out, or leaking drain pump to restore proper draining function. Common signs of a bad drain pump include loud grinding noises and standing water in the wash basin.

Washer Gasket Repair In San Diego

Washing Machine Door Boot/Gasket Repair

Front-loading washers rely on a large rubber door gasket (also called a door boot) to create an air-tight seal when the door is closed and locked. If this gasket tears, cracks or becomes moldy, it needs to be replaced to prevent leaks and odors. Our techs can reseal and install a new factory door boot.

Washer Control Board Replacement

The electronic control board is the brain that governs all wash cycles on modern washing machines. A fried, shorted or failed control board can lead to erratic operation, error codes and an inoperable washer. We diagnose control board faults and swap out the main board as needed.

Washing Machine Suspension Rod Repair

Washer suspension rods (also called damper rods) help balance and stabilize the inner spin tub on most top-load washers. Broken suspension rods allow the tub to knock around violently, creating loud banging sounds. Our repair techs replace bad suspension rods to eliminate tub movement and noise.

Washer Motor Coupling/Clutch Repair

The washer motor coupling links the transmission to the drive shaft to turn the wash basket. A defective or worn-out motor coupling means the tub won't agitate or spin during cycles. We can replace the faulty motor coupling or clutch assembly to restore proper tumbling action.

Washing Machine Bearing Replacement

The washer outer tub bearing allows the inner spin basket to rotate smoothly. When this bearing wears out or goes bad, it causes loud rumbling noises during spin cycles. Replacing the tub bearing with a new one from the manufacturer restores quiet, vibration-free operation.

Washer Door Lock/Lid Switch Repair

The washer door lock assembly is a critical safety component that keeps the washer door secured during spin cycles. If the door lock or lid switch fails, it can prevent the washer from starting a cycle or spinning. Our technicians can test these components and install a new factory door lock or lid switch as required.

Washer Water Inlet Valve Assembly repair in San Diego

Washing Machine Inlet Valve Replacement

The washer water inlet valve controls the hot and cold water supply flow into the wash tub. If an inlet valve gets clogged or fails, it can prevent the tub from properly filling or cause leaks. Signs of a bad inlet valve include no water entering the tub or constant water streaming in. Our techs can replace the faulty inlet valve with a new one to restore proper water intake and levels during wash cycles.

Proudly Serving All Of San Diego
Since 2012

Our local appliance technicians have been repairing appliances in San Diego and nearby areas since 2012. Repairing all major brands and models of residential and commercial washers. Whether it’s a Samsung or LG front-loading high-efficiency unit or a classic Whirlpool or Maytag top-loader, we can rapidly diagnose any washer problem including:

  • Washer fails to start or receive power (could stem from control board, lid switch, or door lock mechanism faults)
  • Clothes washer won’t agitate, spin, or drain (possibly a faulty drain pump impeller, lid lock, clutch assembly, or drive belt)
  • Loud clanking or oscillating resonance during spin cycles (oftentimes indicating an off-balance drum or failed suspension rod)
  • Water seeping from door boot, outer tub casing, or detergent receptacles (potential bellow seal or tub gasket leak culprits)
  • F21, SUD, UE error codes displayed (communication breakdown with control module requiring skilled repair)
  • Detergent drawer dispenser not operating or dispersing soap (likely a clogged dispenser reservoir or hose)
  • Foul, musty, or mildewy stench emanating from washing machine (caused by front-loader gasket or drain pump bacteria/mildew buildup)
  • Washer cycles prematurely ending before completion (motor coupler, timer, or electronic control board fault)

We Carry All Appliance Parts

Our fully-equipped service vans are stocked with a comprehensive array of genuine OEM replacement parts to make sure the repair gets done the same day. Our local certified washer repair technicians carry specialized tools to swiftly pinpoint your washers problem. Whether it’s a malfunctioning lid lock, severed drive belt, obstructed drain sump, or another frequent component failure. We’ll restore your high-capacity laundry washer to its best working condition.

Same-Day Emergency Washer Repair Service – San Diego County

Don’t allow dirty clothing, towels and linens to accumulate because of a broken washing machine. We offer same-day emergency appliance repair service spanning the entire greater San Diego metro area, including Chula Vista, National City, Oceanside, Escondido, Poway, and everywhere in between. Simply call us before noon, and we’ll dispatch one of our certified technicians in a fully-equipped service van the same day. 

Washer Brands We Repair In San Diego County

Roper Appliance Repair – Maytag Appliance Repair – Jenn-Air Appliance Repair – Whirlpool Appliance Repair – Sears Appliance Repair – Kenmore Appliance Repair – Haier Appliance Repair – Kitchenaid Appliance Repair – Bosch Appliance Repair –Wolf Appliance Repair – Viking Appliance Repair – Amana Appliance Repair – Thermador Appliance Repair – General Electric Appliance Repair – Sub Zero Appliance Repair – Frigidaire Appliance Repair – Hotpoint Appliance Repair –Gaggenau Appliance Repair – DCS Appliance Repair – Fisher Paykel Appliance Repair – Marvel Appliance Repair- Electrolux Appliance Repair – Equator Appliance Repair – Dacor Appliance Repair – LG Appliance Repair – Magic Chef Appliance Repair – Tappan Appliance Repair – Welbuilt Appliance Repair – Miele Appliance Repair – Norcold Appliance Repair – Samsung Appliance Repair – Traulsen Appliance Repair And Others Appliance Brands

Why Choose Us For Washer Repair San Diego

Same-Day Emergency Washer Service

Don't let a broken washing machine disrupt your daily routine. Bonita Appliance Repair offers same-day emergency appointment scheduling for washer repair in Bonita and surrounding areas like Eastlake, Chula Vista, and Spring Valley. Just give us a call and we'll have a technician at your door promptly.

1-Year Parts & Labor Warranty on Bonita Washer Repairs

We stand behind the quality of our washer repair work in Bonita with an exceptional 1-year warranty on parts and labor. If the same problem reoccurs due to our workmanship, we'll re-repair your washing machine at no additional cost. This warranty gives Bonita homeowners peace of mind.

Licensed, Insured Washer Repair Techs Serving San Diego

licensed, insured and bonded washer repair service, Bonita Appliance Repair meets the highest industry standards for technical expertise and customer protection.

Unmatched Washer Repair Expertise

As a family-owned appliance repair business serving the Bonita community for over 20 years, our technicians have unparalleled experience repairing all makes and models of washers. From basic top-loaders to smart high-efficiency front-load washers, we'll get your Bonita home's laundry room appliance working like new again.

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